Cooler Master GM27-FQS Review: Accurate Color and High Performance

The QHD 165 Hz category is filled with capable gaming monitors that deliver a lot of performance for the money. They represent the sweet spot of value and performance with snappy response, smooth motion and high frame rates. And with fewer pixels to move around than an Ultra HD screen, they don’t require a high-end video card to drive them to their full potential.

Cooler Master is a bit off the beaten path when it comes to display brands, but their monitors have proven capable with solid build quality, color accuracy and high performance. I’ll be looking at its latest 27-inch QHD screen – the GM27-FQS. It runs at 165 Hz with Adaptive-Sync, HDR10 and extended color. It also offers selectable color gamuts (a rarity) and a slick lighting feature that stands out from the competition among the best gaming monitors.