Karindo LED HD Video Processor - LVP 100
LVP 100 Video Processor
Video Processor
Rp 4.000.000


<p>LVP 100 LED Video Processor<br /> Cost-effective/ HD display/ high stability<br /> <br /> 1. 4 inputs, 2 outputs, dual images, it&rsquo;s enough for the application requirements to small LED in most cases<br /> 2. It allows an access to set the output resolution to fulfill the size of LED screen<br /> 3.DVI EDID make it possible to set the input resolution freely to make dot-to-dot display successful.<br /> 4. PIP / PBP display among any 2 images, 3 custom preset dual-images mode<br /> 5.Seamless switching, fade in and fade out switching<br /> 6.Control method: operations on front panel buttons, it&rsquo;s convenient and flexible for front panel users<br /> 7. It is enabled to put 2 sending cards inside<br /> 8. It is enabled to work for seven days a week and twenty four hours a day. High-reliable and stable<br /> <br /> (*Harga di atas belum termasuk packing kayu &amp; Asuransi barang)</p>

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